Five on Friday

It’s FRIDAY!!! I took a week off from the blog world to tend to my little darling’s first birthday party (more on that in a separate post), but I’m back. This weekend we’re heading to Waco for college game day. My sweet devoted (football obsessed) husband has requested to leave around 8am for a 7pm game. I mean, seriously. Please note it only takes an hour and a half to get to Waco. I’m mentally preparing myself as we speak. Pillow, yeti cup, snacks, and a change of clothes for the car ride home. Check. If you run into me on Sunday and I’m still in my pajamas you’ll understand why. Help.Me.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE LOVE! This baby girl turned ONE year old this past week. We partied pretty hard last weekend. Lots of pink and gold, cookies, cake, presents and family. Sounds blissful, right?

print 4

print 16

print 13


My family. We had family pictures taken about a month ago by my dear friend Paige and they turned out just as dreamy as I expected. It’s one of those things where you leave wondering if you got ANY good shots at all. Sick husband, teething/fussy baby, cloudy, windy, hair flapping out of control, you name it…but wah-lah! Leave it to the master behind the lense and she of course got the money shots. Love you Paige!

print 17

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print 15


Holiday pillows – Hello, these are the cutest! I purchased the plaid pillow and while it may seem like a flashback to your Mom’s couch from the 90’s, I can assure you it’s one cute pillow in person. Especially paired with other pillows.




Buffalo Check Bedding – This bedding recently found it’s way into my guest bedroom and I have to admit I’m in love.



The ‘Lob’ – I took the plunge and chopped 4 inches off of my long locks (similar to ol Julianne’s hair below). I didn’t put much thought into it, I was just so tired of dealing with a stringy, split-end mess that I said screw it. And I love it!!! And hey, it’ll grow back soon enough. I’ll post a pic next week.


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xo – jv


Friday Favorites – Uggs, Anthro and Buffalo Check. Yes Please!

Hello Friday, you’ve never looked better! This week flew by in what felt like 2.5 seconds and well, here we are. Today is PUMPKIN DAY at school, and if you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to be surrounded by about 500 amazingly carved pumpkins, let me tell you the competition is stiff. In honor of Pumpkin Day, I threw in a little flashback friday pic.

The first pic is a Baby Mila Pumpkin that one of my students surprised me with and made last year. I mean seriously, amazingly creative right?!


And then there’s me…I was nearly 40 weeks pregnant, carting around a pumpkin of my own. CanNOT believe this was exactly a year ago today. Wowza.


And because I’m feeling nostalgic, here’s a 40 week preggo pic. Little did we know what a game changer that little girl would be for us. It’s funny to look back and realize we had no clue what we were about to enter into, but somehow-some way we’ve almost made it a full year. I’ll cheers to that!


Okay, enough with the sentimental pics. Here we go with this weeks Friday Favorites! I’m linking up with ALizAdventures and Momfessionals as usual.

5onFridayLogo-Final-forblogsidemenu_edited-1_zps7fcf6068  FridayFavorites


Ugg Australia Fluff II Flip Flop – Hello Soft, fluffy, and Coziness! I love the gray and how can you possibly go wrong with anything in the Ugg family.



Speaking of Uggs – I have these UGG Cassidee Suede Boots and love them! I have a pair of class tall Uggs as well, but these are a nice little switch up.



This plaid tunic from Anthropologie is seriously cute. And long. And perfect with leggings. Truthfully, I don’t love Anthro prices, but I’m a sucker for a really good quality shirt.



I love this buffalo check vest from Old Navy and right now it’s actually on sale. Score!



I don’t know what it is, but I have a thing for Kate Spade jewelry. I love their stud earrings and their dainty bracelets fit perfectly. I can’t stand bulky jewelry. I rarely wear any necklace other than my simple gold bar necklace. So I had to post this precious bracelet. I have one just like this, except mine has an initial and is currently sold out.


Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN and a frightfully good Friday!

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ELEVEN months old!


I truly cannot believe my sweet baby turned 11 months old this week. I don’t even want to imagine the day I’m saying “11 YEARS”. Sweet Lord help me! I knew it would fly by, just like every single person I ever met told me {insert sarcastic smile here}. But really guys, we get it, us new moms, we know it flies by so when you get the urge to tell us for the hundredth time, please refrain. End rant. But seriously, I’m getting teary thinking about her turning ONE next month. I’m in the midst of planning her party and if I said I’m not going to make a big to-do about it, I’d be lying. #firsttimemomproblems So this time next month, I’ll be balling my eyes out wondering how in the world we made it thru a full year with quite possibly the happiest baby on the planet. Ok, you’ve been warned in advance.

And because I want to remember…Here goes (the details only I care about).

You love sweet potatoes, anything pureed, Mum-Mums, Puffs, Yogurt, Waffles, Yogurt Melts, watermelon, teething biscuits and we’re working on blueberries and scrambled eggs.

You enjoy: dancing, bouncing, smiling, music, squealing (at the top of your lungs ) with excitement, pulling up on EVERYTHING. You can stand up but haven’t  attempted to take an unassisted step yet. You love to cruise around holding onto the furniture. You love your little red door toy, and playing peek a boo thru the door is your favorite. You have the best morning smile and are soooo happy to see us every time we come get you from the crib. You don’t cry when we put you to bed, instead you sit for a few minutes, stand up-look around and then turn onto your tummy to fall asleep in the cutest little ball with your arms tucked underneath you.

You have 5 teeth. 3 on the top, 2 on the bottom. Your hair is starting to come in a little bit more now and it’s super blond in the sunlight.

And that’s that…eleven months…Mila Pop I love you more than words!!!


“If I throw all of the clothes OUT of the basket, I can get IN. #struggleisreal

xo – jv

Friday Favorites – Pumpkin Books, Pajamas and Fall Flats

Today is Friday, and well, to be honest I’m dragging myself across the finish line that is the weekend. This week has proven to be a beast, but we made it. This weeks’ top FIVE is a little different but I think you’ll like it.


With Halloween coming fast and furiously, I thought I’d post a few of my favorite Pumpkin reads. I’m a kinder teacher so any of these would be suitable for ages 4 and up in my opinion. Amazon Prime these babies today and you still have plenty of time to get them in before next Saturday.

Little Boo


Pumpkin Soup


The Runaway Pumpkin




Pumpkin Day, Pumpkin Night



Freshly Picked Moccasins. I’ve done the comparison on these mocs versus a pair of Gap mocs. Here’s my opinion. The Gap pair were sturdy and a little more ‘stiff’ compared to the FP. They stayed on so well and lasted her a couple of months. Price tag: $20 range.

Now for the Freshly Picked mocs. They are SO incredibly soft and mold to baby’s foot without having to yank/pull/stand on your head to get them on. I seriously love them. I ordered a size up and we’ve been going strong since August, she actually wears them every single day. We have the Frost Rose color and I also just broke down and for her the Platinum color this week. Price tag: Too much. But believe me, they are WORTH it. Size up for sure so you get your moneys worth

freshly picked rose

freshly picked platinum


Hello, super duper soft pajamas. These DKNY  jammies will pretty much just do it for you.




My favorite (healthy) snacks. NUT-THINS. Yes, these are deliciously amazing. My favorite flavor is Pepper Jack Cheese, followed by Cheddar. Whole foods has ’em all!

nut thins


Sam Edelman Flats. I have the ‘Felicia’ Flat in Leopard. They are so so incredibly comfortable. I’m talking ten thousand times more comfy than Tory Burch flats. And cheaper of course. I’m LOVING the flat in blue. Adorable and could be worn with so much.

sam edelman blue

And finally, this past Sunday our sweet girl was dedicated. She was feeling a little under the weather after her flu shot on Thursday, so she wasn’t her normal perky self on Sunday. As a matter of fact she was the only baby squealing and chatting while the pastor was praying, buttttt that’s what I love most about her. She can be a real pistol at times, and at others she is sweet as a lamb.

“There is no greater joy than for a parent to lead their children to Christ.”






Have a great weekend and stay dry Dallas!



Friday Favorites – My Legging Obsession

Happy Friday and more coffee please! I’m linking up again with Momfessionals and ALizAdventures. Since it’s fall and we’ll HOPEFULLY be getting some cooler temps at some point. (Soon please, mister weather man!!!!) I decided to post my favorite leggings of all time. Like many of you out there, I’m a total leggings addict during the cooler months. I appreciate the comfort they provide and of course the slimming aspect as well.

ONE – Athleta Hypersonic Sonar Tights. I typically don’t buy flashy print tights, because I wear them so often I don’t want it to actually seem like I’m wearing the same thing over and over. BUT, I love these.


TWO – GAP BODY printed cotton leggings. These are super comfy and as a size reference I wear a small and they fit really well. Not overly snug, but still fit like a glove. I also got this long tank to go with them and it is SO soft and I love the longer length. I actually have it on the pics at the bottom, it’s baby blue. I have a longer torso and it drives me crazy when a shirt isn’t long enough.

gap leggings

THREE – LULULEMON Speed Tight IV. I really love my speed tights. No, I’m not a serious runner, but I love them because they fit SO good and they have a nice little thigh pocket to put your phone in. Perfect!

lulu speed tight

FOUR – ZELLA ‘Live In’ Slim Fit Legging. Zella for the WIN. These are a total score. They fit like a charm and are great for every day wear. And bonus, they’re cheaper than LULU. I don’t work out in these because they’re a little too thick for my liking when I’m sweating, but I have the Zella capri leggings that I do actually like for the gym. As a size reference, I have the capri’s in a small and the regular leggings in XS and they fit good. They small also fits but is just a tad loser in the back. zella leggings

FIVE – Nike ‘Gym Vintage’ Capri Sweatpants. I know they’re not exactly leggings but I own two pairs and felt like I owed it to you to speak up. Let’s see how many times I can say, these are “SO” comfy. But seriously, they are…and I highly recommend. I have them in a small and they fit perfect. nike sweats

And finally…OUR WEEK. Enough about leggings. On Monday we packed our little family up and went to the Arboretum (after a failed attempt at the State Fair). Josh and I took one good look at the parking sitch out at the fair and said h*ll no NOPE. We whipped it around and headed to the Arboretum instead. Great decision! We’d been wanting to go and while I had envisioned her in a precious pumpkin outfit in my head, the reality is we rolled up there with her in a (still precious…but not pumpkin) Nike outfit. Ha! We got the cutest pics and it ended up being a nice 45 minutes at the patch before we high tailed it outta there in search of the nearest AC unit. Hello heat, I wish you’d go AWAY!!! Lucky us, we also met a lady who named herself ‘Pumpkin Patch Pat’ at the Arboretum and got to hear all about her patch adventures on the way out. We decided this little day excursion officially qualified us to be parents. Memories made. #parentlife










The last pic is quite possibly my favorite but at the same time she looks so grown up to me and that has me a little-tiny-itty-bitty-teensy-bit sad. So for now I’ll keep trying to enjoy every moment. She is just the sweetest thing and we’re finding ourselves more and more smitten by the day.

I’m feeling super excited because Coach and Emmy are coming up this weekend to see us and take over while we go to the Baylor game on Saturday, and then Sunday we’re having our sweet girl dedicated at church. Praise!

Happy Weekend Friends!

I don’t know about you, but Friday’s got me all like…


ya feel me?!

xo – jv



Wedding Shower Wednesday – I DO BARBECUE!

This past weekend we headed down to Bellville to celebrate my brother and his soon to be wifey, Ellen. We had so much fun! My parents house backs up to a pasture so it was THE perfect setting for a party. We strung lights everywhere and hung these fun chandeliers from the trees. Throw in some barbecue and cold beer and you’ve got yourself a mighty fine party. Because we live in Texas and are still searching for FALL (anyone seen him?!), we had to deal with some toasty temps. But once the sun went down it was so nice.   One of my favorite things was the JENGA idea instead of a guest book. I found the printable online at Etsy, super cute! We also got all of the flowers from Trader Joe’s and they were so pretty. A++! All in all it was a super busy, but fun and family filled weekend. Next stop, Houston, for the Conley wedding in December!






IMG_8740 IMG_8739


IMG_8738 IMG_8736



xo – jv

Friday Favorites!

TGIF my friends!!! I’m so excited because we’re heading to see my fam in the big ol town of Bellville and celebrate my brother and his fiance with a wedding shower!  It definitely takes a LOT of effort to get us all in the same place at the same time. I’m the oldest sibling of three. I have a younger sister, Hallie and a younger brother, John. Besides being a mother to my own child, I have this natural tendency to “mother-hen” the two of them at times. Just comes with the territory I guess. Disclaimer: I’m very aware that I can be funny, bossy, loving, and annoying to them all at the same time. I guess that’s what older siblings are supposed to do! Love you H & J!!! I’m linking up as usual with the gals below. Let’s get to it, shall we!




If you missed my tablescape post on Monday, you can check it out here. I’m so happy with how it turned out and find myself feeling extra cozy this fall. Maybe it’s because we also have a sweet baby girl to take it all in with as well. IMG_8615


Last week I mentioned that I was on the hunt for a pair of black ripped jeans. Well, update, I didn’t find any. The gal at Nordie’s looked at me funny (shame on her) when I asked for them. But that’s alright. Because as I was perusing the R&B section, I found these bad boys. I have a pair of gray ones and they fit like.a.glove. So I knew immediately these would be amaze. Conclusion: If you want jeans that are so comfy and don’t leave you sucking it in all day, these are your kryptonite. The fabric is so soft and very giving. It’s not jean material, but also not “legging” like they’re named. It’s somewhere in between. And as a size reference, you’ll want to go UP one size.  I know, the nerve!! I wore them tucked into booties and the length is longer than it looks in the pic. The Amazon-like brazilian super model below must have had hers hemmed up a bit. Rude. 🙂

They get 5+ stars in my opinion.


And THIS is why I cannot try on clothes. A squealing baby is a no go for the other ladies in the fitting room trying catch some peace and quiet. Oops. And don’t even get me started on the dirty carpet she was crawling around on. I can’t even. Oh well, we came-we saw-we conquered…{And then I fought an hour of traffic and had an extra large glass of wine when I got home, HA.} Mission accomplished.


And while we’re talking fashion, I think I need this plaid tunic. It’s from that cute little Shop Impressions boutique and seems like a fall wardrobe necessity to me. Right?



I always get people asking where I got my iphone case from and so, here you go. It’s the INCIPIO CHROME IPHONE 6 CASE IN TEAL/GOLD. It’s held up really well after about 6 months now. I do drop it from time to time as does my sweet little angel daughter. But it’s stood the test of time. It’s no otterbox, but seriously who wants to carry about an Otterbox. Everyone told me, just WAIT until you have kids and you’ll have to use an Otterbox. Ummm, no. Not happening. If and when it does, I’ll hang my head between my tail and come publicly confess to you guys. But don’t hold your breath. Just sayin. Fun fact, Josh just ordered me the PINK case. You know you want it!

Hello, gorgeous!


iphone turquoise

iphoe rose gold


After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than coming to these two. MP’s shirt is my favorite. This little light of mine!



#thislittlelightofmine shirt is from @tinyvines on Instagram. They have the CUTEST stuff. This pic makes my heart melt.


BOO-tiful! Entire outfit brought to you by the always on point, Tar-Get. Baby Mocs are from Old Navy.


This sweet boy had the cutest Rubber Ducky party last weekend and we got in on the action.


Check out our website We’re officially up and running.


And even though it’s still 80 plus degrees, get out there and have yourself a FALL-tastic weekend! I know your still sweating, we all are. But suck it up, only a few weeks left until we’re all complaining about the cold. Preach!

Cheers to the freakin weekend!

xo – jv