What to Pack in your Hospital Bag!

I’m so excited! Dayme and I are linking up today to talk babies, packing for your hospital stay and visitor etiquette aka the “10 minute visit”.


Having a baby?!! Heck yes you are! Now for the much anticipated question of “What in the world should I pack in my hospital bag?!

I’ve read every checklist out there and I’m here to share with you what I took to the hospital and what I WISH I had taken with me. So here we go!


Your pillow! And if possible bring a pillow case that is NOT white, that way it doesn’t get mixed up with the hospital linens. My pillow is my best friend, well pretty much. A few years ago Josh and I invested in the Coconut Bliss Pillows and oh my gosh I’ve never looked back. This thing is heavenly. I’m not a tempurpedic pillow fan, so I love this one because it has a lot more give to it without losing all of it’s cushion. I’d consider myself Princess and the Pea when it comes to pillows, so if you’ve been searching for the perfect place to lay your head, you may want to try this one.


Coconut Bliss Pillow – Available at Mattress Firm or Amazon


A blanket. Some sort of soft blanket that reminds you of home. I don’t know about you, but I’m always FREEZING the second I step foot into the hospital.  I’m a Barefoot Dreams kinda girl, so if you want my opinion, get the “throw” for your  hospital visit and lounging around. I have the “Queen” Size blanket at home and love it, but wouldn’t lug that thing all the way to the hospital. Definitely choose a dark color, and NOT white. Why would you get white? You’re a baby and nothing about that experience screams WHITE! 🙂


Here I am with sister/cheerleader and favorite blanket (that has been discontinued from Brookstone) from home. Sidenote: I spy a Coconut Bliss Pillow!



Robe/Cardigan.  Barefoot Dreams has you covered again. I lived in this baby for a solid 3 months after I had MP and still wear it nearly every day when it’s cool out. I’ve convinced all of my baby-birthing friends to get this cozy cardigan and they have all swooned over how soft and comfy it is. You can wear it over your nursing tanks in the hospital, which makes it easy to slip on and off, especially if you have lots of visitors in and out. I have the Ombre color, like the one below. I would definitely get a darker colored one, even though the ombre white and blue one keeps catching my eye. It runs about $90 and I swear is worth every penny.


Pictured below in the  Barefoot Dreams wrap…and my adorably sweet and squishy newborn baby Pop. Melt.



Button-Up Pajamas. I brought ONE pair (the pair below in pink stripes) to the hospital with me and am so glad I did. The Button-up top with elastic waist on the bottoms were so comfortable and didn’t put any unwanted pressure on my stomach after giving birth. Get your normal pre-preg size, these run pretty loose and comfy.


Button-Up Pajamas from Victoria Secret


Nursing Bra. Cake brand is my favorite for sure! My sweet friend Kim let me try hers and it was love at first sight. I would bring at least 2 to the hospital as you won’t be able to do laundry.


Nursing Tank. Some women prefer a tank over a bra so I’m posting both options. I wore this tank in the hospital and found that it fit better than the Target ones. I know it’s more expensive, sorry. But fit is everything. If you’re packing this instead of the bras, I would pack 2. Or one for each day that you’re in the hospital. I wore these tanks with the Barefoot Dreams wrap (pictured above) the entire time I was in the hospital.


Panties. Well you definitely can’t pull off those cute Hanky Panky’s at this point – struggle is sooooo real. So go ahead and grab a few pairs of the cotton Natori’s below. (And by a few I mean one for every day of the week!) I SWEAR they are soft and amazing and fit perfectly and you’ll want to live in them for at least 6 weeks post birth.




Slippers. I love the UGG flip-flop slippers. They’re oh-so-soft and don’t take up much room when packing. I love the gray, goes with everything and doesn’t show dirt!


Ugg flip-flop slippers found at Nordstrom

Rubber flip-flops.  These black Havianas can double as your shower flop and going home shoe if you’re delivering in the spring or summer. You’ll for sure need them for the shower. Oh, the glorious shower after waiting a whole day with all of that junk on you. Nothing has ever felt so dang good!!! I’m a major germ-a-phob and refuse to step foot in a hospital bathroom or shower without something covering my feet. On a personal note – I developed MRSA (the worst kind of staph infection) when I was in the hospital with MP. I was actually hospitalized with it before I became pregnant and I guess this time the hospital germs were just too much for my poor body to handle after giving birth. Can I tell you this is NOT something you want to deal with immediately after having a baby?! The doctors had to wear masks and they even put a sign on MP’s crib. Talk about traumatic. Boo-freaking-hoo.



Bath products. Keep it simple. Face wash, moisturizer, eye cream, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and unscented (non-toxic) lotion. (Look for travel sizes if possible) I’m sure you’d like to bring more, but the truth is – you don’t need to. I listed several options below of products I love and would take with me next time. The cleansing balm is a nice option if you can’t get out of bed…just apply it on your face (without water) and rub in. Then take a warm wet washcloth and wipe it all off. And Wah-lah, you’ve washed your face!


1 – Beauty Counter Body Wash/Lotion


2 – Shampoo/Conditioner


3 – Beauty Counter Cleansing Balm


4 – Beauty Counter Daily Face Wash


5 – R & F Eye Cream


Cozy Socks. I hesitate to put this on here because I really wanted to post the gripped ones that I received as a gift but cannot find them ANYWHERE. I think they came from Nordstrom. Anyways, you need socks regardless and I have some of these soft cozy socks and just love them.


Socks found at Brookstone


Snacks, bottled water (for husband), gum, and CHAPSTICK!!! If you’re the one packing the bags, make sure to pack some snacks for you and your husband. If you don’t, you’ll be stuck with hospital food. Bleh. Sidenote: Don’t hesitate to throw in your favorite sweet treat or yummy candy.

You so deserve it after all of that hard work!!!



Pack your Bible and the Baby Book. A sweet friend gave me the idea before I had MP and I am SOOO glad we did this. What to do: Pack Bible and Baby Book in your bag, have your husband give it to the nurses when they take your baby back for foot printing and have them put their footprints inside. I love looking at the footprints every time I go to open my Bible. Beyond special and will certainly add to the prints whenever we have baby number two. Mine looks different than the picture below. We had them put it on a blank page and I wrote her birth stats underneath it.


And finally, pack your patience and know that this isn’t going to be easy…but it’s going to be miraculously amazing. And know that your life is changing for the better and try to soak up every single moment with this precious new life that you carried inside of you for 10 long months. It won’t always be easy, but you will survive and make it thru those first few  weeks. People love to give the ‘ol “get ready” and  “you’ll see” ohhh and the best is”you ready for this?!”  Nope, ignore them. You are ready! As ready as you’ll ever be and what you WILL see is just how amazing being a parent can be. And how it will change you for the better and suddenly you are putting someone else’s life before yours. You’ll get to experience what it feels like to have your heart wanting to literally burst out of your chest because you have so much love for this tiny person. And finally, you are entitled to feel like this is the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Because truthfully it probably will be. But that is ok. Because that makes the rainbow that much brighter on the other end of the storm.

I love this so much: “the water that threatens to be over our head is under His feet.” Hello and can I GET an Amen?

Alright then.

I vividly remember the day/the very moment that we left the hospital. You can’t see MP’s face but shortly before this pic, she was screaming at the top of her lungs, I was sweating  and wondering what was about to happen to our lives, and Josh…well he sweats a lot to begin with and was scrambling to get the car, deal with the carseat, and reassure me that everything would be just fine just as he always does. 🙂 Our emotions were in overdrive, I even cried on the way home with crazy thoughts that this was all moving so rapidly and  I and I probably yelled at him to slow down and stop driving over 20 mph in fear of our new baby’s safety. Umm. Yes. Why why whyyyyy must we have crazy hormones. Oh well.

But guess what?! We made it home, and we’ve successfully made it thru 17 plus months now with our sweet baby and I can’t imagine our life without her in it.


Ok – now you can get to shopping because time is a tickin’ and that baby will be here before you know it! Chop-Chop Mamacita!



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