A Day in the Life of the Vkamps


Today I’m excited to link up with Momfessionals and share what “a day in the life” at our house is like. Our days are fast and furious, but we do our best to laugh and embrace the moments because well someday we’ll look back and miss all of this chaos that is “our life”.

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6:37 am – But first, coffee!!! No but really. Josh grinds our coffee (yes we are self-proclaimed coffee snobs, I can own that!) every evening and sets the timer so it’s already brewed when we get up. I’d say 6:37 is later than usual for coffee, but since it was raining cats and dogs, and I failed to get up when my alarm went off at 4:46, I enjoyed my little bit of “sleeping in” until 6:00. #HelloMonday




6:56 am – Rain boots, check. This weather has been a little on the crazy side so I’m not going to overthink the Monday morning outfit. Hunter boots it is!





7:06 am – She’s in her normal spot…kitchen floor. And a big YAWN before we get ready to load up the car. Josh packs all of our stuff and then helps us get out the door and in the car. Hello, amazing husband. Side note: This sweet little thing was in bed with us at 4am, not sure why, maybe another molar. But can I really complain?! I think not. Love her so much!!!





7:14 am – We turned the car seat around this weekend and she is loving it! Such a big girl. To add to the Monday list, we have a Yard Party Sign that is being installed this evening. #partyon




7:20 am – Did I mention this is my view every day on the way to school. Perks of downtown living. Something about seeing this skyline every morning makes me smile. Fast forward to 3:30 in the afternoon and there is no smiling, all traffic and I’ll be dying to get home. Ha!




7:49am – And here we have my home away from home. My classroom. I love the huge windows and courtyard view. It may quite possibly be the smallest room in the entire building but the windows would make you believe otherwise. This week we’re learning about plants, growing beans, and starting our Earth Day Unit.




9:13 am – Singing songs, spelling words, doing kindergarten things.




11:04 am – Everyone line up and be still, we’re late for lunch!! #earlybirdlunchspecial



11:59 am – Because sometimes I can become obsessed over the weather. And this week the weather in Texas is cray!




3:26 pm – Headed home after school and watching Bubble Guppies (Don’t judge me!). I already made one mid-day visit to the babysitter to check on this little thing. She definitely isn’t acting like her usual perky self.




3:45 pm – And there you have it…case and point. We now have a 101 degree temp that shortly after this pic went up to 102. Crap. Now to find a sub at school tomorrow. Nothing worse than having a sick miserable baby. Just pure sadness.




5:30 pm – Despite her fever she decided to eat dinner. Chicken, sweet potatoes and asparagus…and I made some chicken noodle soup for her because it’s her fav. Josh cooks dinner for us most nights. Have I mentioned I married the most incredible man on the planet?! He does SO much for us and as a working Mom it makes all the difference to have someone to share in the household responsibilities with. Thank you babe!!! He’s not in the pic because he was on a work phone call. He’s secretly happy he escaped all of my pics today!! 🙂




6:00 pm – Motrin has kicked in, she’s slightly bouncing off the walls, and she begged for me to put her shoes on. “Shoe, shoe, shoe!” Ok, fine. Shoes on with your pjs, whatever keeps you happy.




7:00 pm- Baby is in bed and Dayme picks me up so we can head out to Rockwall to install a Yard Party Sign. Happy Birthday Keegan!



8:00 pm – Phew! Done and done. All in a day’s work…now get me home.



9:30 pm – After showering, and finally sitting down to start my Monday night guilty pleasure, I start to hear crying on the baby monitor. :/ Looks like Southern Charm will have to wait until tomorrow. Time to go rock my sick little babe back to sleep. Sigh.


And there you have it…All in a day’s work !

I can’t wait to read about everyone else’s day. I guess I know what I’ll be doing on my day at home tomorrow.

xo – jv


3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of the Vkamps

  1. Bubble Guppies is our fave- it’s just so cute! No judging here the DVD player is always on in the car because ever since my daughter was a newborn she would SCREAM, and that is the only thing that works. She’s getting much better though =)


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