Friday Favorites

Good morning and Hallelujah we made it! (to Friday that is) Did anyone else have a real zinger of a week? Just curious. Or has this just become the norm for my life, ha! I should’ve known the week was off to a rough start when I was grocery shopping last Sunday at Central Market with 5 million other people and ran my cart into a sixer of soda and it proceeded to shatter and spray all over the beverage aisle. Omg yes that really happened! Tisk, tisk. I can honestly say that’s the first time I’ve ever done that (and hopefully the last). Josh was super annoyed, let’s be serious. I asked if we needed to pay for it and the sweet lady said “oh honey no, it happens all the time.” I also got some pretty sympathetic looks from the fellow parents around me. At least I thought they were sympathetic, or maybe they were thinking, geez lady pull it together, you only have one kid and I have four stuffed in my cart. Handle.It.


Does anyone else loathe/dread/hate going to the grocery store as much as I do?! Complete grocery store chaos. Put it on my tab!

I’m linking up again with Momfessionals and ALizAdventures for another edition of Friday Favorites.

Friday Favorites 01




Sam Edelman ‘Griffen’ Fringe Sandal

Loving this fringe flat sandal. I have another pair of SE gladiator sandals and they’re so comfortable I can wear them all day and they don’t hurt my feet one bit.




Sam Edelman ‘Camilla’ Wedge Sandal

Pretty into these, love the wedge heel and studded top.


yellow 3


Birkenstock ‘Arizona’ Softbed Sandal

Feeling like I need pair of these to wear with my cut-offs and tees this summer. I wasn’t sure about them when they first started making a comeback, but I think I’ve jumped back on the Birkenstock train. Loving the metallic colors.



JELLY (for your Mini)

BabyGap ‘Basketweave’ Jelly Sandals

We looooove our Gap Jellies! Grab yourself a pair (or two) and get ready for the cuteness that follows. I got MP a size 5 and they fit true to size. They seem to be comfortable and don’t rub on her feet after wearing them all day. Score!




Well Bowed 

I’ve ordered a few personalized gifts from the link above and they are just the cutest! She’s located in the Park Cities, you just place your order via FB, and she’ll message you when they are ready for Porch Pick-Up. So easy and it makes the perfect hostess or birthday gift!!!

Disclaimer: The gifts below are not ones that I ordered 🙂 I personally ordered some clear monogrammed coasters (so precious), and large monogrammed Easter Eggs last month. Ah-dorable.


big bow + personalized marker case


Monogrammed Jewelry Holders = Perfect Hostess Gift


Personalized clipboard, bookmark and sunnies.


We have a busy weekend ahead! Swimming lessons, birthday party and a wedding shower, plus we are doing a little Yard Partying as well. The forecast is predicting lots of rain. Dislike.

Coming Next Week!!  Dayme and I have an exciting post we’ve been working on to share with you. We have so many friends about to have babies, and since  we are still in that season of life, these topics come up a lot. I’ll be blogging about the essentials to pack for the hospital, and D will be talking about the 10 minute visit. Make sure to check back then to get the scoop!


Have the best weekend!!



3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. The jelly shoes are so cute.. I am so glad they are coming back out with them. I remember when I wore Jelly shoes with my little one 🙂
    Chelsea @

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