Friday Favorites

It’s Friday {insert high pitched Yayyyyyy!} I have a hot cup of coffee (with my favorite coconut-caramel Girl Scout cookie creamer) AND Pop and I have the day off. Doesn’t get much better than that! I’m linking up again with Momfessionals and ALizAdventures for another edition of Friday Favorites.

Friday Favorites 01



Flash Tats! For the girl who was (Thank you Lord!) too scared to get a tattoo ((but did secretly get her belly button pierced in high school…hello holy wrath of God that shot straight down like a lightning bolt on steroids, aka my Mother when she discovered my secret))  🙂 Hi Mom! Remember that?!

Wah-lah! Here you have the best summer substitute. These are sooooo cute and thanks to my friend Gwin, I sported a few when we went to Bora Bora and got asked a few times what IS that?  What’s the point you ask?! Hello, the cuteness. Slap one of these babies on your wrist, top of your hand, or ankle when you’re at the beach and heading to a fun dinner. Or if you’re feeling extra brave you can sport it with your bikini this summer. Seriously. You’re shaking your head saying, this would be great on a 21 year old but not me…WRONG. Spice it up a little and try putting one on the next time you go out to a fun dinner this spring or summer! And Mom – don’t worry I’ll bring some to our beach trip this summer so even you can try them out. 🙂

flash tats

You can also get tats to stick on glassware for fun parties and events. I mean, yes please!



Young Fabulous & Broke Dresses

Super soft material, perfect for the beach or a casual summer dinner. As a size reference I have a small.



Young Fabulous & Broke Jumpsuit



Shoes. Bright, colorful, fun shoes.

A – Sam Edelman ‘Azela’ Tasseled Lace-Up Sandal


B – Sam Edelman ‘Aisha’ Fringe Sandal


C – Kristin Cavallari ‘Largo’ Woven Leather Open Back Sandal



Flamingo Crib Sheets. 

Because, really, what could be cuter?!


And there you have it! Another week down. I think we only have like 35ish days of school left, but HEY who’s really counting anyways?!


Can I get an Amen?! Well it’s not THAT stressful, but seriously…


Happy Friday Friends!!! Hope you all have the best weekend.



5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I looove that Girl Scouts coconut creamer – it is absolutely the best! And those teaching pictures are spot on. haha. Also yes to the flamingos! If only I had an excuse to get those sheets. …found you from the link up 🙂


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