Chit-Chat [Resolutions & Goals]


I’m linking up A Little Bit of Everything and Momfessionals for their January Chit-Chat. Today everyone is sharing about their New Year’s Resolutions and Goals.

To be honest I am not really a New Year’s Resolution kinda gal. I like the idea of a fresh start in January but it drives me a little crazy to hear everyone’s resolutions knowing good and well they’ll last approximately 7.5 days before the “new” wears off. However, I do aspire to be a better human being and thriving member of society so I had a few thoughts as we turned the page to a new year.


It’s always a goal of mine to re-prioritize things at the beginning of the year. Enter in, my quiet time. I need it, we all need it, but the struggle is real when it comes to finding a few minutes to sit alone (what does that even mean anymore?!), in peace and quiet (m-kay, sure.), and read/absorb/get lost in the Word. I totally struggle with this, and if I don’t force myself to do it bright and early, like before ANYONE is up, it just doesn’t happen.

My mother-in-law got all of us a copy of the movie War Room for Christmas and we finally got around to watching it last weekend. If you’ve seen it you know that it’s not a Hollywood mega-blockbuster(sidenote: it still did great in the box office) BUT it does have a powerful message. I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it, but the basis of the story deals with the fact that we are at war. Not a physical war, but a spiritual war. After watching the movie, I decided to go ahead and start on Priscilla Shirer’s book, Fervent. I’ve only just started so I don’t have a lot to offer on it yet (I mean come on, she’s the daughter of Tony Evans!!!) .  I can tell it’s going to be one of those books that pushes me a little outside of my comfort zone. After all, why wouldn’t we want to be armed and ready to defend ourselves, our marriage, our children and our thoughts against the ultimate enemy, Satan himself. He is attacking us from all angles. Hello do you WATCH the news. It’s all doom and gloom as far as I’m concerned and I’m in need of a serious pick me up. I’ll try and update as I read, but


fervent book


I aspire to be a better Mom and a better wife. No – not the champion b.s. Pinteresty-Mom but a Mom that is always present (and not on my phone constantly #currentstruggle), and someone who can find the right ‘balance’ and not take it to far to one extreme or the other. I also dream of a life that is Mom-guilt free. Can I get an Amen! Not happening, ever, but a girl can dream. This one is high on my prayer list and I’ll be darned, I’ve got a real peace about it all right now. I’m happy that I’m in a season of contentment and knowing that I sure don’t have all the answers, but knowing someone else upstairs does. Sigh of relief.





Right this very second: Watching the Bachelor Monday night on my couch! I’m participating in a Bachelor bracket at work and what do ya know I’m currently in 1st place. Yes!!!


This Week: My hair appointment tomorrow. Hello much needed root touch-up. It feels like it’s been a year! Repeat after me: I will enjoy the 3 {somewhat wasteful} hours it takes to sit there and do nothing and get my hair done ha!


This Weekend: A night out with our dinner club, husbands included. Josh and I are pretty good about not letting more than a few weeks go by without getting a sitter and doing something just US. I never like leaving sweet girl at home, but sometimes you just need a little adult time. Let the good times roll!


flashback from our last dinner club

Next Month: My new niece or nephew arrive on or around February 19. Yay! MP cannot wait to meet her new cousin. And hopefully a little trip at the end of Feb…fingers crossed!



Well there you have it…My first chit-chat and THOSE are a few of my goals and non-resolutions. 🙂 Happy Tuesday!



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