Friday Favs!

Happy Friday, friends. This week and last week have been filled with three words: One.Year.Molars. So help me Jesus, I was convinced we might not survive last week, but we did and thankfully this week has been so much better. We were running on about two- three hours of sleep each night last week and this week sweet baby is {almost} back to her normal sleeping times of 7-7. Almost!



This smile. Oh my gosh, what is cuter?! 


No pictures, please. #overit  Top and Shoes: Old Navy; Sweater: BabyGap; Hat: Northface



This book – Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child – Another parent recommend this book when MP was an infant and it’s one of the few books I actually read. I’m all IN when it comes to getting more zzz’s so I kept a close eye on things and dusted this baby off last week. One thing I found that did help (even though she was teething) was trying an earlier bedtime. We typically are in bed at 7 (early I know), but over the holidays we were of course busy and some nights she wouldn’t get to bed until 8 or so. I tried moving her bedtime 30 minutes earlier and it seemed to really help. She slept the WHOLE night. 6:30-6:30. Which works for me since we have to be up and outta here by 7:15 every morning. I love the 6:30-7:00 bedtime because it keeps her well-rested and BONUS, Josh and I still get our evenings together. Making a Murderer, Real Housewives, The Bachelor, Netflix and…well never mind. Kids these days! 🙂

healthy sleep habits book


Hyland’s Teething Tablets – Maybe I’m the last person on earth to now know about these, but I must say they were key in helping us survive last week. I also used a drop of orajel and rubbed it on her swollen gums. Lots of Moms refuse to use Orajel, but before you point and judge it try a little drop. When you see the relief it brings you may even use it again. Gasp! Sidetone: I tried it on my own gums thinking I’d feel some sort of numbing, but feeling nothing, nada. Leaving me feeling perfectly comfortable with using a dab here and there.



The zoodle! I’m so excited to get this bad boy in my hands. Hurry up mister postman and deliver it to me! Do you have one? If so what recipes do you love?



Eye cream. And no I don’t sell it. It was a semi-NY Resolution to start taking better care of my skin and so here we are. But I do love it and if you’re needing a little pep in the eye area, I recommend. After my sleepless nights last week I was in desperation mode and this stuff seems to do the trick. Side note: My sister is a R&F rep just in case you don’t already have one and Im happy to put you in touch!



Girls Trip! This weekend I’m so excited and thankful (thank you sweet/wonderful/always accommodating husband) to get to go to HSB with my best girlfriends. Josh has MP all to himself this weekend and I’m hoping it’s all smooth sailing with no 3 am wakeups. Paige is in the home stretch with baby number four and she has promised us that we won’t have to deliver her 10 lb baby Ha!  But really I’m just excited to sleep in later than 6 am and have some spa time with these girls! A few winks of sleep tonight, an entire day of work/taking care of our kiddos (12 of them between all of us, plus 3 more on the way) and then we are Southbound 35 tomorrow! And…If all goes according to plan we’ll have a couple glasses of vino and all be asleep around 10:00. Watch out now!


stay up


 xo, jv

Once again I’ve linked up with A.Liz Adventures and Momfessionals for Friday Favorites!




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