Friday Five



Howdy friends! TGIF.  I can’t believe how quickly the first week of December has flown by. I mean seriously. We are Houston bound today to celebrate my little brother getting MARRIED. I.can’ How is it possible that my little baby brother is old enough to get married. Sigh. He’s eight years younger than me, so it’s safe to say by the time I graduated high school some of his friends were completely unaware he had a SUPER old sister in college. Ha! Luckily he had my younger sister to be his wing girl while I was away. Anyways, WE LOVE YOU Johnny Boy and can’t wait to watch you marry the girl of your dreams this weekend. Welcome to the fam, Ellen! I sent her the pic below earlier this week. Hello brides, we have all felt this way at one point.

Let’s land this plane! AmIRight?!


ONE. A Very {Thankful} Thanksgiving.

Our Thanksgiving this year was a little different to say the least. Rewind to Wednesday evening and I noticed that MP was not putting any weight on her legs, specifically her left leg. In fact, she would not even attempt to stand up at all. Sound the annoying-overprotective-worrisome Mom alarm. She has just recently learned to walk and the weekend before she started cruising full speed across the house, so I knew SOMETHING was up. Josh convinced me that all was well and I went to bed hoping she’d wake up Thursday morning bright eyed and standing up in her crib. Nope. That wasn’t the case. I went to pick her up from her crib that morning and although she was smiling, she was sitting and refused to stand when I attempted to make her. Well crap. I finally decided to ring the on-call pediatrician around 8:30 and she called me back soon after and advised us to take her to Children’s ER, ASAP. She said it couldn’t wait until Friday…Ugh-great. So, just as we were about to walk out the door to go see the Grandparents, MP and I packed it up and headed to Children’s. I sent JV to Arlington with all the food and assured him we’d be fine until I knew more. There was no need for us to both sit in the ER for 5 plus hours. Right?! Fast forward a few hours, they inserted an IV (finally) after 3 attempts and two different teams of nurses. Sweet Lordy this was the most unpleasant and heartbreaking thing I’ve experienced so far as a parent. It was an utterly helpless feeling trying to help hold your terrified, screaming one year old down while they attempt to draw blood from her teeny tiny vein. After the blood work, they took x-rays of her leg and hip, which seemed to be the problem area. She would not straighten the left leg and squealed every time we tried. Tear. As I was sitting and waiting with her for the results she fell asleep like the precious little angel she is and my heart just broke. Not just for her but for all of the other babies and children that were in that hospital that day. We were a mild case compared to the other kiddos I saw. They suspected she had some sort of infection in her leg, and made the statement “don’t feed her just in CASE she has to have surgery.” Ummmm…excuse me, what?!” Insert panic and fear!

Fast forward to the results, blood work all normal. Praise the Lord! X-ray showed swelling under her left knee cap, possibly caused by a virus she had recently. Diagnosis: Toxic Synovitis. I say all of this (I know it was entirely too much info) in the hopes that if someone else experiences the same thing you won’t hesitate to take your little one in. Ours ended happily, and for that I’m so so SO thankful for. Thank you Lord! They told us it could be a full month before she regains strength to walk, however she is already scooting around with only a tiny limp.


Sister was straight tired after all of the poking and prodding.



Perked up once she saw Daddy came to the rescue.


We made it to Oui Oui and Pops house after all! Happy girl!

TWO – MERRY MERRY! I snagged this cute little gem from Target and threw it onto my guest bed. Wah-lah!

merry pillow

THREE – ORNAMENTS. I bought one of these adorable ornaments this week. They’re from Feel Good Frames and they run about $40 with shipping and all but I couldn’t resist. Perfect to keep track of the years. I love looking at old ornaments from when Josh and I were growing up. Time to start the tradition with our own family.


FOUR – Character Day at school was so much fun. Our kinder team dressed up as Splat the Cat.  If you have a kinder or first grade kiddo and haven’t checked out this series, you MUST. Cuteness overload. IMG_9716

FOUR – HAPPY BIRTHDAY JV! We celebrated this amazing guy a few times during his birthday week. I mean, why NOT. He deserves it and any chance we get to celebrate we should certainly take advantage. We went to Bowl Lounge (think 80s and 90s music plus yummy food and cocktails), so much fun!


We also got to hang with these besties at Rahr & Sons brewery at a private concert that Al and her husband won during a raffle. Thanks A & J for hosting! Between the 6 of us, we live at every corner of the metroplex so it can get dang near impossible to get together. But it’s SO worth it every time we do. I love these friends to pieces! Cannot wait for our annual Girls Christmas Favorite Things party next week.



Hello my two sweet loves. Could this picture be any sweeter?! It was taken on Josh’s birthday and we joked saying, “What else would you rather do on your birthday other than look at the ducks at Northpark?” Ha! Oooooh, how times have changed. IMG_9775

That’s all for this week. See you next Friday! Mwah!

xo – JV




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