ELEVEN months old!


I truly cannot believe my sweet baby turned 11 months old this week. I don’t even want to imagine the day I’m saying “11 YEARS”. Sweet Lord help me! I knew it would fly by, just like every single person I ever met told me {insert sarcastic smile here}. But really guys, we get it, us new moms, we know it flies by so when you get the urge to tell us for the hundredth time, please refrain. End rant. But seriously, I’m getting teary thinking about her turning ONE next month. I’m in the midst of planning her party and if I said I’m not going to make a big to-do about it, I’d be lying. #firsttimemomproblems So this time next month, I’ll be balling my eyes out wondering how in the world we made it thru a full year with quite possibly the happiest baby on the planet. Ok, you’ve been warned in advance.

And because I want to remember…Here goes (the details only I care about).

You love sweet potatoes, anything pureed, Mum-Mums, Puffs, Yogurt, Waffles, Yogurt Melts, watermelon, teething biscuits and we’re working on blueberries and scrambled eggs.

You enjoy: dancing, bouncing, smiling, music, squealing (at the top of your lungs ) with excitement, pulling up on EVERYTHING. You can stand up but haven’t  attempted to take an unassisted step yet. You love to cruise around holding onto the furniture. You love your little red door toy, and playing peek a boo thru the door is your favorite. You have the best morning smile and are soooo happy to see us every time we come get you from the crib. You don’t cry when we put you to bed, instead you sit for a few minutes, stand up-look around and then turn onto your tummy to fall asleep in the cutest little ball with your arms tucked underneath you.

You have 5 teeth. 3 on the top, 2 on the bottom. Your hair is starting to come in a little bit more now and it’s super blond in the sunlight.

And that’s that…eleven months…Mila Pop I love you more than words!!!


“If I throw all of the clothes OUT of the basket, I can get IN. #struggleisreal

xo – jv


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