Friday Favorites – Pumpkin Books, Pajamas and Fall Flats

Today is Friday, and well, to be honest I’m dragging myself across the finish line that is the weekend. This week has proven to be a beast, but we made it. This weeks’ top FIVE is a little different but I think you’ll like it.


With Halloween coming fast and furiously, I thought I’d post a few of my favorite Pumpkin reads. I’m a kinder teacher so any of these would be suitable for ages 4 and up in my opinion. Amazon Prime these babies today and you still have plenty of time to get them in before next Saturday.

Little Boo


Pumpkin Soup


The Runaway Pumpkin




Pumpkin Day, Pumpkin Night



Freshly Picked Moccasins. I’ve done the comparison on these mocs versus a pair of Gap mocs. Here’s my opinion. The Gap pair were sturdy and a little more ‘stiff’ compared to the FP. They stayed on so well and lasted her a couple of months. Price tag: $20 range.

Now for the Freshly Picked mocs. They are SO incredibly soft and mold to baby’s foot without having to yank/pull/stand on your head to get them on. I seriously love them. I ordered a size up and we’ve been going strong since August, she actually wears them every single day. We have the Frost Rose color and I also just broke down and for her the Platinum color this week. Price tag: Too much. But believe me, they are WORTH it. Size up for sure so you get your moneys worth

freshly picked rose

freshly picked platinum


Hello, super duper soft pajamas. These DKNY  jammies will pretty much just do it for you.




My favorite (healthy) snacks. NUT-THINS. Yes, these are deliciously amazing. My favorite flavor is Pepper Jack Cheese, followed by Cheddar. Whole foods has ’em all!

nut thins


Sam Edelman Flats. I have the ‘Felicia’ Flat in Leopard. They are so so incredibly comfortable. I’m talking ten thousand times more comfy than Tory Burch flats. And cheaper of course. I’m LOVING the flat in blue. Adorable and could be worn with so much.

sam edelman blue

And finally, this past Sunday our sweet girl was dedicated. She was feeling a little under the weather after her flu shot on Thursday, so she wasn’t her normal perky self on Sunday. As a matter of fact she was the only baby squealing and chatting while the pastor was praying, buttttt that’s what I love most about her. She can be a real pistol at times, and at others she is sweet as a lamb.

“There is no greater joy than for a parent to lead their children to Christ.”






Have a great weekend and stay dry Dallas!




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