Friday Favorites – My Legging Obsession

Happy Friday and more coffee please! I’m linking up again with Momfessionals and ALizAdventures. Since it’s fall and we’ll HOPEFULLY be getting some cooler temps at some point. (Soon please, mister weather man!!!!) I decided to post my favorite leggings of all time. Like many of you out there, I’m a total leggings addict during the cooler months. I appreciate the comfort they provide and of course the slimming aspect as well.

ONE – Athleta Hypersonic Sonar Tights. I typically don’t buy flashy print tights, because I wear them so often I don’t want it to actually seem like I’m wearing the same thing over and over. BUT, I love these.


TWO – GAP BODY printed cotton leggings. These are super comfy and as a size reference I wear a small and they fit really well. Not overly snug, but still fit like a glove. I also got this long tank to go with them and it is SO soft and I love the longer length. I actually have it on the pics at the bottom, it’s baby blue. I have a longer torso and it drives me crazy when a shirt isn’t long enough.

gap leggings

THREE – LULULEMON Speed Tight IV. I really love my speed tights. No, I’m not a serious runner, but I love them because they fit SO good and they have a nice little thigh pocket to put your phone in. Perfect!

lulu speed tight

FOUR – ZELLA ‘Live In’ Slim Fit Legging. Zella for the WIN. These are a total score. They fit like a charm and are great for every day wear. And bonus, they’re cheaper than LULU. I don’t work out in these because they’re a little too thick for my liking when I’m sweating, but I have the Zella capri leggings that I do actually like for the gym. As a size reference, I have the capri’s in a small and the regular leggings in XS and they fit good. They small also fits but is just a tad loser in the back. zella leggings

FIVE – Nike ‘Gym Vintage’ Capri Sweatpants. I know they’re not exactly leggings but I own two pairs and felt like I owed it to you to speak up. Let’s see how many times I can say, these are “SO” comfy. But seriously, they are…and I highly recommend. I have them in a small and they fit perfect. nike sweats

And finally…OUR WEEK. Enough about leggings. On Monday we packed our little family up and went to the Arboretum (after a failed attempt at the State Fair). Josh and I took one good look at the parking sitch out at the fair and said h*ll no NOPE. We whipped it around and headed to the Arboretum instead. Great decision! We’d been wanting to go and while I had envisioned her in a precious pumpkin outfit in my head, the reality is we rolled up there with her in a (still precious…but not pumpkin) Nike outfit. Ha! We got the cutest pics and it ended up being a nice 45 minutes at the patch before we high tailed it outta there in search of the nearest AC unit. Hello heat, I wish you’d go AWAY!!! Lucky us, we also met a lady who named herself ‘Pumpkin Patch Pat’ at the Arboretum and got to hear all about her patch adventures on the way out. We decided this little day excursion officially qualified us to be parents. Memories made. #parentlife










The last pic is quite possibly my favorite but at the same time she looks so grown up to me and that has me a little-tiny-itty-bitty-teensy-bit sad. So for now I’ll keep trying to enjoy every moment. She is just the sweetest thing and we’re finding ourselves more and more smitten by the day.

I’m feeling super excited because Coach and Emmy are coming up this weekend to see us and take over while we go to the Baylor game on Saturday, and then Sunday we’re having our sweet girl dedicated at church. Praise!

Happy Weekend Friends!

I don’t know about you, but Friday’s got me all like…


ya feel me?!

xo – jv




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