Wedding Shower Wednesday – I DO BARBECUE!

This past weekend we headed down to Bellville to celebrate my brother and his soon to be wifey, Ellen. We had so much fun! My parents house backs up to a pasture so it was THE perfect setting for a party. We strung lights everywhere and hung these fun chandeliers from the trees. Throw in some barbecue and cold beer and you’ve got yourself a mighty fine party. Because we live in Texas and are still searching for FALL (anyone seen him?!), we had to deal with some toasty temps. But once the sun went down it was so nice.   One of my favorite things was the JENGA idea instead of a guest book. I found the printable online at Etsy, super cute! We also got all of the flowers from Trader Joe’s and they were so pretty. A++! All in all it was a super busy, but fun and family filled weekend. Next stop, Houston, for the Conley wedding in December!






IMG_8740 IMG_8739


IMG_8738 IMG_8736



xo – jv


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