Happy TEN months!

Because I want to remember…

Dear Mila,

This week you turned 10 months old. I’m not quite sure how that happened so fast, but here we are. You love to sit in your high chair and eat like a big girl. You get super excited, squeal and clap when you see me bringing a jar of food over to you. Anything pureed will do. You won’t eat those little baby PUFFS to save your life. I keep trying, but you insist on flicking them off of the tray and onto the floor. That’s way more fun anyways. We’re getting there with the teething biscuits, baby steps. The texture of pretty much anything makes you gag, unless it’s a jar of baby food. You still take a bottle 4 times a day and love your sippy cup with ice water.

You’re crawling like crazy and pulling up on everything you see and cruising. Not walking yet, but I foresee that in the next couple of months. Your favorite place to be besides the sea of toys in the living room, is the kitchen door. You love to stand there are and look outside. And you ESPECIALLY love it when you see Daddy walking in to see you. Hello Daddy’s Girl!

Safe to say you’ve got some killer MOVES! When you hear music you immediately start dancing and clapping. Dancing machine! You’ve gained your fair share of sass in the past month and I love watching your little personality develop. You have the sweetest smile I ever did see and that can turn any bad day upside down.

I love you more than words baby doll!



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