We kicked off our Labor Day weekend by going to the Baylor/SMU game Friday night. It was a fun, hot and sweaty good time on the Boulevard. Miss Priss didn’t get to attend the game, but that didn’t stop her from wearing her cheer outfit. Daddy is teaching this girl early. Stay tuned to see Friday’s post which includes a cute little red and black number. Duh. You knew it was coming. IMG_8144 copy

Saturday morning we packed up the house and drove down to the lake house in Granbury.  4 dogs, 7 adults and 4 kids, all 3 years old and under. Straight chaos, but that’s what’s memories are made of right?! We all joked about how different things are with 4 kids in the mix, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s always so fun to get away and spend time at the lake. Not to mention a few days away from the insanity which is Dallas traffic (hello road rage), is good for the soul!

MP still loves her baby pool. Splish-splash baby girl!  IMG_8100 IMG_8117

Bellville Meat Market Sausage, barbecue chicken, ribs for days and oh my gosh they were the best I’ve ever had. JV OWNS that grill, lemme tell you. Good job baby! IMG_8129

Early morning cruise is the best kinda cruise! The water was like glass. If only we could’ve jumped on the surfboard. Safe to say MP loved the ride, she dozed off less than 10 minutes on the water. IMG_8130

Oh, how I love them. Melt.
Two twins and a cousin. Can you guess which is which?! Twin – Cousin – Twin. Yes we know, they.all.look.alike. Strong genes those Vahrenkamps have!

That’s all for now! Happy hump day and I’ll see you Friday with my Friday Five!

xo – jv


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