Friday Favorites



Happy Friday!!! This week was brutal, not going to lie. All three of us have been feeling under the weather at some point in the past 2 weeks. Cough, sneeze, blow your nose, repeat. Oh AND throw in a baby who’s cutting a tooth. I also missed most of my workouts, but hey who’s complaining, not me. I’ve got way too much to be thankful for to be dialing up the WHAA-MBULANCE. Now go ahead and brace yourself for the most dramatic Five on Friday, yet. Not really, but I felt like a Bachelorette style intro would be sort of cute. No?


It’s finally here and it’s a party in your yard!  My uber creative BFF Dayme and I have been scheming it up for a while and this past week we finally took the plunge and kicked it off with a bang. If you’re in the DFW area and have a special event coming up we’d love to celebrate yard party style! Birthdays, baby showers, new baby arrival, sporting event, etc. Rent your sign for 6 days or if you like enough, it’s yours for the taking! Football season anyone?!  Interested? Email us at

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cover photon

Hyde turned 3 and we celebrated with a longhorn in his yard. How fun is that?!


Welcome to the world, Marin! So long little old school stork, we’ve seen enough of you. Time for something new! IMG_8349IMG_8348

TWO – Texas Tech Football

It’s no secret that I’m a Red Raider even though I’ve married into a family of die-hard Baylor Bears. Lord help me. HUGE game this weekend against TCU!!! The great thing is that as of now, Tech has everything to gain, and TCU has everything to lose. Speaking of all things Texas Tech, my sweet friend Christy has her blog here. This girl bleeds red and black as she’s married to the Tech Outside Linebackers Coach. Funny thing is that many of the coaches on staff now were at Tech when we were. Hello, full circle (and old age)! Wreck’em!!!


You’re welcome. kliff-kingsbury-charlie-weis

And because we’re talking Tech, how adorable is this herringbone vest? They have them with other school logos as well. As a size reference, I ordered a similar vest from here in a SMALL and it’s fits perfect.

tech vest


LOOOOOVING these Seven flares. The flare is officially back and I can’t get my hands on these babies fast enough. Seriously slimming! Anyone else have a hard time finding time to shop for themselves?! Online shopping is pretty much my go to these days. Every now and then I get lucky enough to actually go try on something before I buy it but for the most part those days are long gone, at least for now. Sigh.

flare leg seven


Have you tried Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake? No?! GET.ON.IT. They always sell out so I went ahead and stocked up. I also ventured out and tried the Sweater Weather candle this year. It smells AH-MAZING!

pumpkin cupcake


And have you seen the new fall Starbucks cups?! How freaking cute. A sweet parent was kind enough to bring me my fave NF Vanilla Latte this week and I enjoyed every sip. And of course, my pumpkin cupcake “hanitizer” as my kinder kiddos call it is sitting pretty. You better believe we bathe in hand sanitizer during these next few months. Ain’t nobody got time to be sick!!!



I’m having a major hair crisis it seems this year. That sweet baby MP sucked every last ounce of awesomeness OUT of my hair. HELP. ME.  I’ve switched hair girls again because I’m determined to find someone to help me get my blonde back.  Huge problem, I know. But really. Between the 5 am workouts and trying to get a child ready for the sitter I find myself having less and less time to fix this mess on my head.  I’ve started going back to the old trusty top bun. Pretty much like the one below, but maybe a little less polished. And seriously, I’m by no means convinced that my hair looks awesome, it’s just a QUICK and easy fix that looks legit enough to wear to work.

Step One – Put it in a high(er) pony using a tight hairband.

Step Two – Spin the hair around in a circle motion.

Step Three – Bobby pin the heck out of it. Not really, but if you have thicker hair, you may need more pins than my typical 3 or 4.

Oh Hi, Reese. You’re still perfectly flawless. Do you ever age? I think not. 

reese bun

 And because we could all use a little Bend and Snap action on this mighty-fine friday.

Say it with me…


xo – jv


Friday Favorites!

Dear Friday, I LOVE you!!! It was a super fast week actually compared to last week. Praise the Lord! I’ve linked up once again with the awesome gals below so let’s get started. TGIF!


Last weekend we had dinner at Eno’s in Bishop Arts. If for some reason you haven’t been here yet, do yourself a favor and give it a whirl. The pizza is delish, they cut it into squares instead of slices. We got a bottle of the house red and to my surprise it was quite nice. House wines are usually high risk in my opinion, but this one got my vote. It’s also an easy place to take kids.


Saturday night, I got to spend some QT with my best friends in the whole wide world. Since we are all spread out around the metroplex, it takes a solid Act of Jesus himself to bring us all together. McKinney, Dallas, Fort Worth and Mansfield…whew! But we made it happen, despite the hour wait in an outrageously long line we had lots of ritas and some always amusing catch up time. I surprised the girls with hats that were supposed to go with us on our annual trip to Horseshoe Bay this summer, but due to unfortunately sad circumstances we had to cancel this year.

But…next year it’s on! Love these girls and so thankful for the joy they bring to my life!!


Saturday morning MP went to her first birthday party. Whew! It was Carter’s second birthday at the Perot Museum. It was such a cute dinosaur themed party. Laura and Scott did such a good job with all of the decor!! We were joking about how we seriously cannot believe we all have kids now, we held out as long as we could. 🙂 Wink wink! 2 boys and a girl. At least we know Mila will be well protected by these two!


And because I love cake, I was reeeeally in love with this one. Made by Dallas Affairs.



Yes, I HEAR you gasping and whispering but bare with me for a second before you immediately throw your hands up on this one. True Religion is back. Like really. And I know this because a dear friend has his hand on it’s dreamy comeback status. Yep, I’m by no means a fashionista but I know a good thing when I see it. He’s bringing sexy back and doing away with the extreme flashiness and some of the crazy pockets we all know as True Religion. I am LOVING the leggings below.

Runway Moto Leggings (in Ghost)

true religion moto

THREE – Snickerdoodle and Chocolate Chip Coffee Mate. Is it strange that I get really excited when these flavors come back around every year? Coffee lovers unite!

Enough Said.


FOUR Fur-trim puffer vest from Gap. I got this vest last fall and it’s a great versatile piece to add to your wardrobe. In Texas we can wear it from late October all the way thru March. Score!

gap vest

FIVE – MP and her Halloween jam’s have got me all excited for fall. This year I’m planning to whip our house into fall mode unlike last year when I was preparing to give birth to this little babe. Now if only we could get this obnoxious heat to hit the road. I mean, seriously. I’m tired of sweating!


And finally a few flashback Friday pics that were taken by my talented friend Paige almost a year ago to the day. Oh how I loved that belly. No that doesn’t mean I’m having another one any time soon, but I did actually enjoy being pregnant.

Sooo excited and looking forward to have our family pics done this weekend with her!

print 15

print 7

print 10

print 2

print 3
print 14
print 4

Have a great weekend sweet friends! – JV



Happy TEN months!

Because I want to remember…

Dear Mila,

This week you turned 10 months old. I’m not quite sure how that happened so fast, but here we are. You love to sit in your high chair and eat like a big girl. You get super excited, squeal and clap when you see me bringing a jar of food over to you. Anything pureed will do. You won’t eat those little baby PUFFS to save your life. I keep trying, but you insist on flicking them off of the tray and onto the floor. That’s way more fun anyways. We’re getting there with the teething biscuits, baby steps. The texture of pretty much anything makes you gag, unless it’s a jar of baby food. You still take a bottle 4 times a day and love your sippy cup with ice water.

You’re crawling like crazy and pulling up on everything you see and cruising. Not walking yet, but I foresee that in the next couple of months. Your favorite place to be besides the sea of toys in the living room, is the kitchen door. You love to stand there are and look outside. And you ESPECIALLY love it when you see Daddy walking in to see you. Hello Daddy’s Girl!

Safe to say you’ve got some killer MOVES! When you hear music you immediately start dancing and clapping. Dancing machine! You’ve gained your fair share of sass in the past month and I love watching your little personality develop. You have the sweetest smile I ever did see and that can turn any bad day upside down.

I love you more than words baby doll!


Friday Favorites!


Happy Friday y’all, coffee cup cheers! I’m linking up with A. Liz Adventures for the 5 on Friday so let’s get to it, shall we?!

ONE –  GUNS UP. This sweet-precious-funny-beautiful thing is 10 months TODAY. Stop the press, I really cannot believe we’ve been parents for TEN whole months and we haven’t totally sucked at it either! Phew! What the heck did we ever do without your sweet smile in our lives? She reeeeeeally wants to walk and is cruising around on the furniture like nobody’s bizness. Slow your roll baby doll, Mama needs to baby proof the house like YESTERDAY. IMG_8065

TWO – Rails ‘Hunter’ Plaid Shirt I have a slight obsession with these pretty plaid threads. They’re packed with the perfect pops of color and I’m trying to decide between these three for my next purchase. They fit SO good. I have a longer torso and hate hate HATE when I have to worry about a top not being long enough. As a point of reference I’m 5’7 and I wear a small. It’s a comfy fit with room to move. The x-small fits length wise, but is snug when I button it.

rails 1 rails 2rails3

THREEYSL Babydoll Mascara – Before I got pregnant I used Latisse and LOVED what it did to my lashes, but now I keep it more natural with some good ol’ fashioned mascara. This stuff is GOOD. Give it a whirl if you’re looking for something to add volume and a little length.
ysl mascara

FOUR May Designs lined notebook. When it comes to planning, I’m an old fashioned paper and pencil kind of gal. My sister got me this a couple years ago and I seriously love it! It’s perfect for every day notes or even a journal. I use it for my to-do lists. Lists, lists and more lists. Lord help me. Best of all this is only around $20, including the monogram.


FIVE – A parent gave me the sweetest gift at the beginning of the year. This monogrammed YETI tumbler. I loooooove it. If you haven’t jumped on the YETI train yet, you’re missing out. I use it every single day for my coffee and other choice beverages on the weekend. Holler!  And of course…get it monogrammed like she did (Etsy). Duh. yeti

And finally, I know there’s only supposed to be FIVE things, but I can’t help but add a SIXTH.

SIX – 9.11.01 It’s been fourteen years since terrorists attacked us on our own soil. I still remember turning on the news that morning just after the first tower was hit. I was living in Lubbock and remember the feeling of panic and chaos even though I was half way across the country. We all felt it. That would be the day our world would change forever.

May we never forget and God Bless the United States of America.

CONTACT/S: 30 Exhibition -ACP



We kicked off our Labor Day weekend by going to the Baylor/SMU game Friday night. It was a fun, hot and sweaty good time on the Boulevard. Miss Priss didn’t get to attend the game, but that didn’t stop her from wearing her cheer outfit. Daddy is teaching this girl early. Stay tuned to see Friday’s post which includes a cute little red and black number. Duh. You knew it was coming. IMG_8144 copy

Saturday morning we packed up the house and drove down to the lake house in Granbury.  4 dogs, 7 adults and 4 kids, all 3 years old and under. Straight chaos, but that’s what’s memories are made of right?! We all joked about how different things are with 4 kids in the mix, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s always so fun to get away and spend time at the lake. Not to mention a few days away from the insanity which is Dallas traffic (hello road rage), is good for the soul!

MP still loves her baby pool. Splish-splash baby girl!  IMG_8100 IMG_8117

Bellville Meat Market Sausage, barbecue chicken, ribs for days and oh my gosh they were the best I’ve ever had. JV OWNS that grill, lemme tell you. Good job baby! IMG_8129

Early morning cruise is the best kinda cruise! The water was like glass. If only we could’ve jumped on the surfboard. Safe to say MP loved the ride, she dozed off less than 10 minutes on the water. IMG_8130

Oh, how I love them. Melt.
Two twins and a cousin. Can you guess which is which?! Twin – Cousin – Twin. Yes we know, they.all.look.alike. Strong genes those Vahrenkamps have!

That’s all for now! Happy hump day and I’ll see you Friday with my Friday Five!

xo – jv

Friday Favorites and GAME DAY GEAR!



I’m linking up with Erica, Andrea, and A. Liz Adventures to do a little Friday Favorite action. It’s Fri-YAY (Thank you Jesus!), so kick off your Ugg slippers and pour another cup of coffee, or if you’re like me saddle up to your work computer and go ahead and pour your third cup of joe. My FF’s are comin’ in HOT. And because we’re celebrating the FIRST day of football season, I had to throw in some cute game day tops.

game day shirtsNumber One – These cuter than cute game day tops can be found here. Get.You.Some. And if you don’t find any game day threads, they have one hundred and one other things that will likely end up in your shopping cart. You’re welcome.

barefoot dreams throw

Number Two – Say it with me, BAREFOOT DREAMS. You’ll be thanking me after you wrap yourself in this blanket made of butter. I’m super picky about the fabrics I put on and I’ve honestly never felt anything softer in the blanket department. I have the “twin” size blanket and it’s more than enough to cover me.


Number Three – Sticking with the Barefoot theme, I also LOVE this Barefoot Dreams Drape Cardigan. I got this before I had Mila, and I kid you not I have worn it nearly every day since. It’s not only the perfect hospital and nursing get-up, it’s my favorite thing to throw on every morning when I get up. Cozy, soft and easy.

rag and bone

Number Four – The pants. Rag & Bone is my go to brand when it comes to great fitting skinnies. Every pair I have seems to fit like a glove. If you don’t have a pair of these babies, go ahead and treat yo’self! I can’t get enough of these.


Number Five ‘Stan Smith’ Sneaker – I grabbed these while we were in LA and I love them! Comfy and they go with everything. They’ll also easily transition into fall! Score. You can guarantee I’ll be sporting these every Friday at work. Thank you jeans day.

tory burch

Number SixTory Burch Flops. Lucky you, we live in Texas and can still pull off a good pair of flops until at least the end of September. I’m not a fan or Tory shoes otherwise because all in all they’re pretty uncomfortable… but these rubber flops are legit. I have them and wear them all the time.  Get’em while they’re still hot.


Number Seven – This Beauty was feeling under the weather this week. But she perked back up and that makes this Momma’s heart happy. She’s cozy as can be in her Kickee Pants jammies. If you haven’t tried them you’re MISSING out.

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend and HELLO football season. MP will be in her Baylor gear today and well of course Red Raider attire tomorrow. It’s a compromise people! 🙂

xo – JV