Favorite Summer Moment


Today I’m doing something new and linking up with Erika and Andrea. This month  it’s “Favorite Summer Moment”.

There are so many great summer moments, that I’m having a hard time deciding which one was my favorite. Past tense. Because summer is over, in case any of you needed a good hard reality-check slap in the face after the first week of school. Not me, nope I’m fully aware. I’ve had enough action this past week to last me for the rest of the year. 5 am wake ups, running around half dressed trying to pack the lunch you know darn well you should’ve packed the night before, making bottles and oh wait did you pack the (insert one of the 100 random baby necessities here)???  And dare I admit, I contemplated packing up my sweet precious daughter in her pajamas a couple days last week because well, it is what it is, and there are some things I just don’t have the energy to care about when the going gets tough. Yawn. But back to my blissful summer moment…

This one…This one quite possibly takes the cake. Colorado. Serenity. Summer. Mountains. Cool Weather. I love everything about it. It’s a very simple moment, actually. It was MP’s first real trip, her first flight and it was Josh’s first Father’s Day. She was 6 months and we’d just entered a super fun/happy/playful stage. I have to say that 6 months and up have been nothing but pure joy. MP has always been a happy baby, but we had a really rough go the last month I was in school with her getting sick constantly and then ME getting sick as well. Thankfully we made it through the hot mess express and haven’t looked back.


Care to share your favorite summer moment? Link up with us and share away!

Starting this Friday I’ll be sharing my “Friday Favorites”.

Here’s a peak at something I snagged while I was in L.A. If you don’t have a go-to denim shirt, I love this one. I have a few denim button downs because seriously you cannot have too many. They go with EVERYTHING.

rails top

TOP: Rails – Carter Dark Vintage Denim

And finally, is there anything cuter than a ruffle bottom, baby rolls, and gold mocs. The answer is NO. Love her to pieces.


Bloomers: Rufflebutts; Gold Moccassins: Old Navy; Heart T-Shirt: Peek

Have a great week!

xo – jv


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