Twas the Night Before Kindergarten

Twas the night before kindergarten and as they prepared,
kids were excited and a little bit scared.
They tossed and they turned about in their beds,
while visions of school supplies danced in their heads.
Erasers and crayons and pencils galore
were stuffed in their backpacks and set by the door.
Outfits were hung in closets with care,
knowing that kindergarten soon would be there.
In the morning it came, school starts today!
Would the teacher be nice? Would they still get to play?
Faces were washed, and teeth were brushed white;
Kids posed for pictures with eyes sparkling bright.

Parents packed snacks and kids hopped in cars
As if they were boarding a spaceship to Mars.
Some kids brought blankets or their favorite stuffed bear;
in hopes they could nap like they did in day care.
Their parents exclaimed: “You’re big kids. WOW!
Let us hold your bears and blankies for now.”
The parents were worried their children would cry
if they left them at school with just a good-bye.
So they told their darlings, “If you want, we can stay
and make sure that everything will be A-okay.”

The teacher then greeted each one with a smile,
and invited the students to stay for a while.
The room was all filled with toys, books, and maps,
but where were the beds for midmorning naps?
They colored and painted and played Simon Says,
then tumbled and skipped and stood on their heads.
They sang silly songs from beginning to end.
Within just a minute, each kid had a friend.
The children were happy. They loved Miss Clare
It was she who would show them a great deal of care.

When what to her wondering eyes should appear
but sad moms and dads who were holding back tears!
Their noses so sniffly! Their eyes red and wet!
This was the saddest good-bye Miss Clare had seen yet!
She gathered the grown-ups on the magical rug,
then sent them away after one final hug.
The children all waved from the door of the school.
“Don’t cry Mom and Dad; kindergarten is cool!”

Today is the first day of school for the 2015-2016 year. This is my TENTH year, which means I have taught approximately 210+ students and worked at 4 different schools (but hey who’s really counting). Praying that this is the best year yet and that each of those babies come in with a sense of peace, belonging, and excitement knowing that they are going to do BIG things..because well, that’s what we do in kindergarten people. Can I get an Amen! The first few days may slightly resemble the herding of cats down a hallway but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. We’ll get there though, you better believe it we will.

Cheers, hugs ,and kleenexes to all of you precious parents out there sending your little ones into school today. They will do great, they will come home tired with new friends, funny stories,  and dirty clothes…and they will be SO excited to see you at the end of the day. And with any luck, they’ll be super excited to do it all over again tomorrow.

Sweet bliss.

back to school

On another note, JV is a world away right now. He’s in SWEDEN for work. He made it safely and is loving the adventure. We miss him, LOTS.

And finally, this seemed fitting for a post all about kids…Jen Hatmaker, author of “Out of the Spin Cycle” poses the question, “Want to be the mom of your kids’ dreams?” Love your husband. Love him so much it’s ridiculously embarrassing. Tell your kids how much he means to you and how he is a hero. Be his biggest fan.

“The best gift for your kids is parents who are crazy for each other.”IMG_6376

“Love each other well, and your house will stand…”

xo – jv


3 thoughts on “Twas the Night Before Kindergarten

  1. Kindergarten teachers are the BEST!!! It’s a hard job, but, oh so rewarding!!! Your post this morning makes me miss the craziness of the first day—–a little! Hope you have a great year!! Dee Ann


  2. Congrats on year 10 of teaching, Jenny! Love that sweet sentiment about parents who are crazy for each other – seems to definitely hold true for you and Josh.


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