C A L I F O R N I A 2015

Another year, another Cali trip in the books. Somehow, some way, we made it happen (thanks Mom and Dad!). Truth is, if you take a year off, you probably won’t pick it back up next year.

Night 1 we dined at BESTIA, in downtown LA. Lamb Meatballs, Farro Salad, Burrata Pizza. Yum-o-licious. 

God love him, aside from Josh’s bottled water obsession, my husband is a coffee snob, loud and proud. He’ll fully admit to it. And well I must admit he’s turned me into one as well. Blush. Our go-to local perk is Starbucks of course, but thanks to Cory we branched out and tried Stumptown. My NF Vanilla Latte was a foaming good time!


Strands Beach, Dana Point.IMG_9892


Downtown Laguna. Beach Bum Top, Planet Blue. IMG_9830

Dinner at Harpoon’s in San Juan Capistrano. Lovely.IMG_9831

Picturesque view from the house in San Juan. It’s hard to see, but the ocean is in the background. And yes, that’s a lemon tree. Stop it.

Our last night there, we got to help celebrate Abby’s birthday. Her Mom is the ultimate host and left no detail undone. PrimeRib and cupcakes for days. Glorious!

And well…the dress….You can find it here. It’s Billabong and I got it at a surf store in Laguna, but you can snag it with the click of a mouse. I’m wearing a small.IMG_7515

And what did Little Miss Baby do while we were away? Here is one of many pics of her adventures in the country, ha! My Mom dressed her in our old overalls from when we were little. Goodness gracious is there ANYTHING cuter?!IMG_7488

I was SO excited about our trip, but I also knew that once it was over that meant work and school would be banging at my doorstep. Where the HECK did summer go?! I can’t even believe we’ve managed to blow thru the last 2 months in a matter of what feels like 30 seconds. Slow.Down.Time. I haven’t touched my classroom and am hoping I’ll find the motivation to get there later this week. I do secretly love the beginning of school with all it’s chaos and craziness, so I know once I get there I’ll be fine. Time to rip off the bandaid!


And then there’s the dreaded day one of having to drop MP off at the sitter. I know she’s in good hands, we adore her sitter, and I’m so fortunate to have such a sweet little set-up. I’m also at ease knowing that once we get into a routine (plus a little sleep and a whole lotta coffee), things become much easier. If you’re a working Mama you know exactly where I’m coming from, especially those of you working outside the house year round. Three months off doesn’t give me the liberty to complain. So with that I’ll say to myself, chin up!  Day one will be tough, but I also know from experience that day two and three will come and with the good Lord’s help we’ll all be just fine. ‘Tis life and I’m so thankful for the one I’ve been given.

Now…If anyone has an answer for the question below, help a sister out!




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