But really. Did I really skip my child’s morning nap because of THIS?! Hell hath no fury like a baby who’s missed her nap.

Please tell me I’m not the only person to be thoroughly unimpressed with the so called “sale”. I’d already been warned by friends who went on Wednesday night, so I wasn’t expecting huge discounts or anything just maybe a tad bit more of a selection. Disappointment set in when I walked in at 9:10, the doors opened ten minutes earlier, only to find the racks ravaged by the clothes-hogging mom’s sitting on the floor with 50 plus items. Seriously?!  While the rest of us were scrounging thru their leftovers I did manage to find these cute things below. (Getting the pumpkin monogrammed in pink to add a girly touch) To be honest, I’m not sure that I would buy them in the online sale, but I was there and had already decided I wasn’t leaving empty handed. Mission Accomplished. So long SA-SS, I’m not sure that we’ll meet again. I’ll stick to online shopping from now on.

Update:  As disgruntled as I was, my fingers just wouldn’t stop typing that little four letter word on SA insta last night. You know the one. “SOLD”. Those pink and white polka dot Christmas jammies were screaming my name. &%$! I will not buy anymore smocked clothing. I will not buy anymore smocked clothing. Rinse, lather, repeat.

smocked auctions

Happy Friday!!!

xo – jv



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