Blue Sky – Day Designer 2015

I was nearly skipping out of Target yesterday after I stumbled upon the cutest little Planner for the upcoming school year. I hate to even utter the “S” word right now, but alas it is on the horizon, coming fast and furious. Sigh.Tear.All of the Above. But back to my new planner…It’s just the cutest darn thing you’ve ever seen. I am picky to the ‘nth degree when it comes to my right hand man, a.k.a. planner and this one fits the bill. [Hands to the heavens!] I was about to pull the trigger on a fancy Erin Condren planner, but the fact is, this one was less than half the price and just as organized (minus the fun EC stickers). You can get the exact same one, here. I also love this BLUE GEO one. They’re only $16.99 compared to EC’s $59.00 planner. My husband will definitely toss me a high five for that one! He likes to “joke” that I only buy full price. Not true JV, not true.

Anyways, EC planners can get heavy and almost provide you with too many “options” when writing stuff down. I like that the Blue Sky keeps it plain and simple. KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid 🙂


P1050268 P1050270 P1050271 P1050272 P1050273

And because summer isn’t over yet, here’s what little Miss Baby has been up to…cruising the lake with her buddy Kai, swimming at ROCC with our cousin Trace and hanging out being cute in the meantime. (Disclaimer: Life vests were present, just not in these pics, safety first! We were also the only boat in the water at the time.) And that about sums it up! 




Pictured: Boon Highchair; Pajamas are Carter’s from Target, but I cannot find them for the life of me anymore.

xo – jv


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