Port Aransas – Texas Beach

July. Summer. Beach. Family.

You can’t have one without the other. My family decided to do something a little different this summer and rented a house in Port A. Thanks Mom and Dad! My parents took care of all the details, so all we had to do was show up. Josh, MP, and I flew into Corpus and from there my Dad picked us up from the airport. Mila did really freaking good on the flight. That puts us at 2 for 2 in that department! We even had to stop in Houston and wait for 45 minutes. No screaming, no blowouts, and no bothering other passengers. Good job baby girl, you earned your wings! IMG_6897We stayed in the Royal Sands neighborhood. Such cute/nice homes, 2 minute walk to the beach, and gorgeous views every evening from our balcony. In the past we’ve always stayed in hotels on vacation, but now that we have a few kids in the mix we decided to give the house a try. SOLD. I loved the house for one reason, you can put the babies down for a nap and then go down stairs and hang out with everyone else. After dinner cocktails on the balcony, yes please!


IMG_9302We went to the beach every morning, my Mom packed her whole house car full of every possible beach necessity you could need or want. Two tents, flags, chairs, coolers, one blow up pool, 2 babies, 7 adults and a partridge in a pear tree later…you get the idea.  We swam in the ocean, played in the sand, floated in the blow-up pool, took naps, drank cold beer, listened to Texas country, and enjoyed each others company until the very last second. Warning: picture overload below. 

IMG_9328 IMG_9331 IMG_9350


P1050002 P1050007
P1050050 P1050054 P1050068 P1050108 P1050122 P1050128

Pictured: 1.)Colorful Sarong/Pareo I’m wearing: Mine is from Mexico, but I LOVE this one in CORAL; 2.)SWIMSUITS: all sold out this summer but they are Hanna Andersson; 3.)Beach Wagon: Quest Wagon


We had so much fun that we’ve already started to look at houses for next summer. It was such an easy getaway, I cannot wait to go back. We haven’t done a family vacation with my fam in a long time, so this was extra special because we were all together under one roof for more than a night or two (minus Aunt Ellen who’s studying for the bar exam). Mila LOVED the beach and had no problems staying out all day (under the tent of course). She even napped out there. It’s so fun watching her and my niece starting to play together. I can only imagine them in the years to come…trouble!

Vacation aside, I have to say we’re really enjoying this “season” of life. You go thru so many seasons, some are so so hard and some are so full of joy that you have to pinch yourself. I think back to a couple of years ago when I was in a fairly cloudy place due to constant health issues when my sister reminded me that it was simply a “season” and that soon enough it would pass. She was so right and I find myself clinging to that hope when trials come my way. No matter how dark your night may seem, joy comes in the morning, my friends! MP is at such a fun and happy age right now that I want to soak up every second with her.

Thank you Heavenly Father for this season of JOY!


On a side note, if you’re a Mom and you don’t have this book, well please do yourself a big ‘ol favor and snatch it up. My sister got it for me when I had Mila and it’s a funny, light-hearted, inspirational daily devotional read that will have you giggling (and feeling way more normal about your crazy life) all the way thru. The more I read, the more I can relate.

It’s called “Out of the spin cycle”, by Jen Hatmaker, and you can grab it here.

out of spin cycle


xo – jv




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