B E A C H bound

We’re heading to the beach this week and below I posted some of the things I’ll be sure to pack. Packing for a baby is a tall order so anything I can do in advance helps. Thankfully, my parents are driving and packing the big items for us like the pack-n-play, but if you don’t have that luxury, check out Beach Baby Rentals. Place your rental order online and have it set up and waiting for you by the time you arrive. How nice is that?! Less time setting up means you’re that much closer to sitting on the beach with a cocktail in hand.

Links are posted below in case you’ve waited until the last minute like me!

This past weekend we were fortunate enough (thanks to my awesome parents!!) to have some much needed time to ourselves so we jetted down to Austin. We stayed downtown, at the new JW Marriott and oh my gosh if you are trying to decide where to stay on your next visit, look no further. This place has it all! Perfect for families, couples getaway, and even bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Along the way we also made a stop at Hotel San Jose and had the best dinner at Perla’s. Haven’t been yet? Time to try it! We both agreed it’s the best fish we’ve ever had.

IMG_6847 IMG_6846IMG_6845

1 – TOPSHOP SKIRT 2 – TOP from Impeccable Pig 3 – Ivanka Trump Suede Cutout BOOTIES (no link)

And finally, nothing sweeter than seeing this face after 3 days apart. She had so much fun in fact that she’s snoozing away as we speak. Heart melt. IMG_6848

xo – jv


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