Destination Colorado





Last weekend we headed to Keystone, Colorado to spend the week with some dear friends. Flight numero uno for MP and she knocked it out of the park. Like, complete angel baby, sat on the plane and kept herself busy by staring out the window, playing with her Baby Einstein music box and flicking the arm rest for 2 hours.  Can I get an Amen! And yes I’m fully aware that because I’m proudly boasting about this behavior her second flight is likely to be h*ll on wheels at 10,000 feet, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there, ok. Her first flight was definitely fancier than mine. We upgraded to first class…because, well, when you fly with a baby you need all the champagne and extra leg room you can get. Am I right or am I right?! A few days of packing and six checked bags later, yep you heard me six, we boarded the plane and we were off. PTL!

More pics and a recap of things we did while we were there coming in the next post. Stay tuned!



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